We regularly update our menu to keep things fresh and lively



We always have a delicious fresh dish of courgette noodles available and these are some of our recent options.

Dressed with olive oil, pesto, peas, spinach, pine nuts and topped with a pine nut Parmesan and dehydrated cucumber slices £6.50

Also available with dressed Heritage tomatoes, dehydrated tomato slices and pine nut Parmesan £6.50

Or a lightly spiced fresh Mango sauce, almonds and mango chutney £6.50

Alternatively tossed with walnut, spinach and peas dressed with a lemon chilli dressing £6.50



We use our homemade seeded soda loaf to create amazing toast based dishes.

Topped with fresh aubergine tagine, homemade hummus, micro dehydrated falafel, chilli sauce and savoury seeds £6.50

Sliced tomatoes, dehydrated tomatoes slices, pesto and savoury seeds £5.00

Homemade Chia jam, banana, almond butter and cacao nibs £5.50

Smashed avocado, chilli jam and savoury seeds £5.50

Apple slices, almond butter, caramel sauce and vegan chocolate £5.50

Almond butter, banana, vegan chocolate and hemp £5.50



Granola is a tasty way to start the day, coconut yogurt topped with crunchy granola, sweet banana slices, almond butter zingy berries and cacao nibs £4.00

Bircher muesli the softer alternative to granola, coconut yogurt and coconut milk softened oats with dried apples and coconut flakes, berries, banana and a spoon of almond butter £4.00

Warming porridge with almond butter, banana, berries, agave syrup and berry seeds £4.00